Get into Rugby mini-festival was held at the Samoa Rugby Union (S.R.U.) field at Tuana’imato.

Ten schools competed in tag rugby through six divisions from ages eight-14. The Under 8 and mixed girls and boys division, Under 12 girls and boys’ only division and the Under 14 girls and boys only division. 

“I am very happy and pleased with the overall results; it was a great experience for our players to have been a part of this tournament,” Lepea Primary School Coach Neemia Malau said. 

“Even though we only trained for two weeks, it was all worth our efforts and hard work in putting together our teams.”

“At the end of the day, it’s about the kids and how much they enjoyed themselves playing together and such tremendous performances.”  

Principal of Aele Primary School, Aumua Fuatai Simanu spoke about his appreciation of this year’s event. 

“This is a wonderful tournament and it is evident on each of the kids’ faces, their excitement and enthusiasm in taking part in this event.”

“It is not only a new sport introduced into the district. It also has great benefits in having no physical contact and that is really important for the safety of players participating.”

“Another advantage is for the kids from different schools to come together and get to know one another.” 

Aumua said there is an effect of this tournament in terms of the daily routines they have in school, but not to an extreme degree. 

“The positive side is sports playing an important role on those children who are talented in sports and are not performing so well in school. It gives them a chance to showcase their skills and also develop it and who knows maybe they can become prominent future professional players.”

“We are fortunate that S.R.U. provides transportation and refreshments for the participating schools. That is a big help in terms of getting students to the allocated areas of tournaments.”

Get into Rugby Coordinator, Filoi Eneliko said: “We are well aware that all schools in Samoa are not all about education, meaning they have to take both sports and education at the same time.” 

“It is a great opportunity for children who have skills in rugby to start at a young age its training so they may represent Samoa in the future.”

This term only hosts two mini-festivals and they are from Vaimauga and Faleata District. 

Credit: Samoa Observer

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